Question: Suggest one or more ways that each of the following

Suggest one or more ways that each of the following teams could deal with the conflict(s) it faces.
1. Mike and Takashi both find writing hard. Elise has been getting better grades than either of them, so they offer to do all the research if she’ll organize the document and write, revise, edit, and proofread it. Elise thinks that this method would leave her doing a disproportionate share of the work. Moreover, scheduling the work would be difficult, since she wouldn’t know how good their research was until the last minute.
2. Because of their class and work schedules, Lars and Andrea want to hold team meetings from 8 to10 pm, working later if need be. But Juan’s wife works the evening shift, and he needs to be home with his children, two of whom have to be in bed before 8. He wants to meet from 8 to 10 am, but the others don’t want to meet that early.
3. Lynn wants to divide up the work exactly equally, with firm due dates. Marcia is trying to get into medical school. She says she’d rather do the lion’s share of the work so that she knows it’s good.
4. Jessie’s father is terminally ill. This team isn’t very important in terms of what’s going on in her life, and she knows she may have to miss some team meetings.
5. Sherry is aware that she is the person on her team who always points out the logical flaws in arguments: she’s the one who reminds the team that they haven’t done all the parts of the assignment. She doesn’t want her team to turn in a flawed product, but she wonders whether the other team members see her as too critical.
6. Jim’s team missed several questions on their team quiz. Talking to Tae-Suk after class, Jim learns that Tae-Suk knew all the answers. “Why didn’t you say anything?” Jim asks angrily. Tae-Suk responds quietly, “Todd said that he knew the answers. I did not want to argue with him. We have to work together, and I do not want anyone to lose face.”

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