Sulfuryl chloride (SO2Cl2) decomposes to sulfur dioxide (SO2) and chlorine (Cl2) by reaction in the gas phase. The following data were obtained when a sample containing 5.00 × 10-2 mole of sulfuryl chloride was heated to 600 K + 1 K in a 5.00 × 1021 L container.
Define the rate as 2d[SO2Cl2]/dt.
a. Determine the value of the rate constant for the decomposition of sulfuryl chloride at 600 K.
b. What is the half- life of the reaction?
c. What would be the pressure in the vessel after 0.500 h and after 12.0 h?
d. What fraction of the sulfuryl chloride remains after 20.0 h?

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