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Are the freelancers on employed by Solution Inn?

The freelancers on are regular people from around the world, using the website to successfully do freelance work for clients. Freelancers are not employees of Solution Inn. Also, Solution Inn does not look at and/or verify the employment history of any freelancer on

Solution Inn cares a lot about the work success for clients and for freelancers, but unfortunately there are clients and freelancers out there that don’t take their own work seriously and sometimes violate the terms and conditions of When situations like this occur, we want our other clients and freelancers to know that we do not condone any poor behavior or poor work conduct from anyone, and that we take necessary action immediately so that such situations can be fixed and made better for the hard working clients and freelancers.

NOTE: Please be advised that because all freelancers are sub-contractors and not employees, Solution Inn does not issue any employment letters for work reference.