Suppose Brady House restaurant is considering whether to 1 bake
Suppose Brady House restaurant is considering whether to (1) bake bread for its restaurant in-house or (2) buy the bread from a local bakery. The chef estimates that variable costs of making each loaf include $0.54 of ingredients, $0.25 of variable overhead (electricity to run the oven), and $0.72 of direct labor for kneading and forming the loaves. Allocating fixed overhead (depreciation on the kitchen equipment and building) based on direct labor, Brady House assigns $1.05 of fixed overhead per loaf. None of the fixed costs are avoidable. The local bakery would charge $1.70 per loaf.
1. What is the full product unit cost of making the bread in-house?
2. Should Brady House bake the bread in-house or buy from the local bakery? Why?
3. In addition to the financial analysis, what else should Brady House consider when making this decision?
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