Question: Suppose it has been two years since your graduation During

Suppose it has been two years since your graduation. During the time you have worked for a large energy company. In your work, you have been exposed to the numerous ways your employer is investing in energy. These sources include oil, coal, natural gas, solar, wind, nuclear, and electrical plants.
Just last month, you were told you were being transferred to the CEO’s office.
Your first assignment is to work with the general counsel’s staff to determine how your company is regulated and how all divisions are complying with the various, relevant laws and regulations. As you ponder this assignment, you ask yourself the following questions:
Is this company regulated only by the federal government, or are state and local regulations relevant?
How does the company and its divisions keep track of laws and regulations?
If an administrative agency begins an investigation of your company, should your company cooperate with or fight the agency’s action?

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