Suppose that each of the following is an activity conducted by Microsoft Corporation.

Identify whether each activity is most likely part of
(1) Organizational strategies,
(2) Operating plans,
(3) Actual operations, or
(4) Measuring, monitoring, and motivating.
For each item, explain why.
A. Comparing the timeliness of development steps of a new release of Windows® with the timeline that was laid out to guide development.
B. Developing a timeline for release of new Windows and Microsoft Office® products over the next year.
C. Debugging the next version of Windows.
D. Providing technical support to customers who are having problems with Microsoft Office.
E. Estimating cash expenditures for the next year.
F. Comparing budgeted costs to actual costs and discussing major differences with department managers.
G. Deciding whether to construct a new building on the Microsoft campus.

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