Suppose the athletic director at Villanova University would like to develop a regression model to predict the point differential for games played by the college’s men’s basketball team. A point differential is the difference between the final points scored by two competing teams. A positive differential is a win for Villanova, and a negative differential is a loss. For a random sample of games, shown in the Excel file Villanova basketball 1.xlsx, the point differential was calculated for Villanova, along with the number of assists, rebounds, turnovers, and personal fouls.
a. Using PHStat, construct a regression model using all four independent variables.
b. Test the significance of each independent variable using α = 0.10.
c. Interpret the p value for each independent variable.
d. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the regression coefficients for the Personal Fouls independent variable and interpret the meaning.
e. Using the results from part d, comment on the significance of the Personal Fouls variable.

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