Question: Suppose you are a part time student assistant in the computer

Suppose you are a part-time student assistant in the computer lab at your school. Janet Jacobs, the IT department chair, recently announced that a CASE tool will be installed on the lab network. Her decision was welcomed by many IT faculty members, who think it is important for students to learn about CASE tools and how use them to complete assignments in MIS courses. You have been asked to evaluate various CASE tools, and submit the results. Your initial tasks will be to provide an overview of the Visible Analyst® CASE tool, or a similar tool.
1. Study the program’s documentation, tutorials, glossary, and help menu to learn more about how the tool handles strategic planning. Prepare a summary of your findings, and be sure to include specific examples and screen shots.
2. Review the planning example and examine Figure. In that scenario, a systems analyst for a large hotel chain wanted to determine whether the Visible Analyst CASE tool would be helpful in planning a new marketing system. Now, using the same example, create a sample project named HOTEL.Add at least seven sample planning statements, including an assumption, an objective, a critical success factor, strength, a weakness, an opportunity, and a threat. You should try to suggest realistic examples, and you can use your imagination freely.

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