Suppose you are analyzing the fnancial statements of Adams Medical, Inc. Identify each item with its appropriate fnancial statement, using the following abbreviations: Income statement (IS), Statement of retained earnings (SRE), Balance sheet (BS), and Statement of cash flows (SCF). Tree items appear on two fnancial statements, and one item shows up on three statements.
a. _____ Accounts payable
b. _____ Inventory
c. _____ Interest revenue
d. _____ Long-term debt
e. _____ Net cash used for fnancing activities
f. _____ Salary expense
g. _____ Cash
h. _____ Dividends
i. _____ Increase or decrease in cash
j. _____ Net income
k. _____ Net cash provided by operating activities
l. _____ Retained earnings
m._____ Sales revenue
n. _____ Common stock

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