Suppose you begin year 1 with 5000 At the beginning
Suppose you begin year 1 with $5000. At the beginning of each year, you put half of your money under a mattress and invest the other half in Whitewater stock. During each year, there is a 50% chance that the Whitewater stock will double, and there is a 50% chance that you will lose half of your investment. To illustrate, if the stock doubles during the first year, you will have $3750 under the mattress and $3750 invested in Whitewater during year 2. You want to estimate your annual return over a 30-year period. If you end with F dollars, your annual return is (F/5000)1/30 – 1. For example, if you end with $100,000, your annual return is 201/30 – 1 = 0.105, or 10.5%. Run 1000 replications of an appropriate simulation. Based on the results, you can be 95% certain that your annual return will be between which two values?

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