Question: Suppose you have been invited by a classmate to help

Suppose you have been invited by a classmate to help found a new not-for-profit organization named Students Care. The organization’s purpose is to provide scholarship money for children in Africa who have become orphans because of the AIDS epidemic. The organization will operate only on campus, and the target donors are students. Suppose Oprah Winfrey has offered to coordinate distribution of the scholarship funds to needy students, but wants to see a business plan for the organization that describes the organizational vision and lists the core competencies, strategies, and operating plans.

A. Explain what each item on Oprah’s list means. For each item, provide a possible example for Students Care.
B. Consider the perspective of internal business processes. Your classmate wants to measure the number of hours per week that volunteers spend collecting donations, but you believe it should be dollars collected per volunteer hour spent in collection, measured on a weekly basis. Give one advantage and one disadvantage for each measure.
C. You have had difficulty determining a measure of learning and growth, but a campus association recently organized a series of short workshops on improving student fundraising activities, as well as other aspects of governing student organizations. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the number of Students Care volunteers attending workshops as a measure for this perspective.

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