Suppose your company wants to create a logical model of
Suppose your company wants to create a logical model of a proposed information system, and then decide whether to develop the system in-house and purchase a software package. You have been asked to use a CASE tool to construct the model.
1. After you perform fact-finding, you begin to work on the model. What diagrams will you create, and why? Will you use DFDs, object models, or both? Will you create an entity-relationship diagram? Explain your answers.
2. Most CASE tools can generate program code directly from diagrams and a central repository, and some tools are able to export the repository to a database management program, where the design can be implemented. Since you don’t know whether the new system will be developed in-house, it would be helpful to know more about this in advance. Perform research on the CASE tool you are using to learn what code-generation and export features are available, and describe your findings.

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