Question: Surface albedo is defined as the ratio of solar energy

Surface albedo is defined as the ratio of solar energy directed upward from a surface over energy incident upon the surface. Surface albedo is a critical climatological parameter of sea ice. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) collects data on the albedo, depth, and physical characteristics of ice-melt ponds in the Canadian Arctic. Data on 504 ice-melt ponds located in the Barrow Strait in the Canadian Arctic are saved in the PONDICE file. Environmental engineers want to examine the relationship between the broadband surface albedo level y of the ice and the pond depth x (in meters).
a. Construct a scatterplot of the PONDICE data. On the basis of the scatterplot, hypothesize a model for E (y) as a function of x.
b. Fit the model you hypothesized in part a to the data in the PONDICE file. Give the least squares prediction equation.
c. Conduct a test of the overall adequacy of the model. Use α = .01.
d. Conduct tests (at α = .01) on any important b parameters in the model.
e. Find and interpret the values of adjusted R2 and s.
f. Do you detect any outliers in the data? Explain.

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