Survivor Inc an all equity firm has eight shares of stock
Survivor, Inc., an all-equity firm, has eight shares of stock outstanding. Yesterday, the firm’s assets consisted of nine ounces of platinum, currently worth $1,750 per ounce. Today, the company issued Ms. Wu a warrant for its fair value of $1,750. The warrant gives Ms. Wu the right to buy a single share of the firm’s stock for $2,000 and can be exercised only on its expiration date one year from today. The firm used the proceeds from the issuance to immediately purchase an additional ounce of platinum.
a. What was the price of a single share of stock before the warrant was issued?
b. What was the price of a single share of stock immediately after the warrant was issued?
c. Suppose platinum is selling for $1,950 per ounce on the warrant’s expiration date in one year. What will be the value of a single share of stock on the warrant’s expiration date?

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