Sustainability involves more than just the impact of actions on
Sustainability involves more than just the impact of actions on the environment. The triple bottom line recognizes that a company has to measure its impact on the economy, the environment, and society for its long- term economic and social viability. To follow are examples of green initiatives recently undertaken at Ford Motor Company. For each example, indicate whether the impact of this initiative would be primarily economic, envi-ronmental, or societal.
Initiative at Ford Motor Company

a. Founded Ford Volunteer Corps in response to natural disasters
b. During the annual Global Week of Caring, 46,000 hours were contributed to volunteer projects like cleaning up highways
c. National sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
d. Plan to aggressively restructure in order to operate profitably at the current rate of consumer demand in light of the difficult economic times and the rising costs of fuel commodities
e. Product strategy includes advancement of technology in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improved fuel economy
f. Introduced Ford Driving Skills for Life, which educates teens about safe driving practices
g. Expanded global markets to gain market share in more international countries
h. Planning to focus on increasing repertoire of small- to-midsize vehicles to respond to consumer demands in an effort to gain market share
i. Plan to introduce plug- in hybrid electric vehicles that run on advanced lithium ion batteries
j. In 2010, Ford earned its highest net income in a decade at $ 6.6 billion
k. Trained suppliers’ workers in human rights via outreach programs, and as a result was ranked first in CRO Magazine’s Best Citizens List
l. Made goal to reduce CO2 emissions in new vehicles by 30%
m. Affiliates of the Ford Volunteer Corps gave over 112,000 volunteer hours to the community, targeting everything from schools to soup kitchens

Economic, Environmental, or Societal

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