Question: Sustainability involves more than just the impact of actions on

Sustainability involves more than just the impact of actions on the environment. The triple bottom line recognizes that a company has to measure its impact on its triple bottom line for its long- term viability. To follow are examples of green initiatives recently undertaken at The J. M. Smucker Company. For each example, indicate whether this initiative would primarily impact environmental, social, or economic factors.

Initiative at The J. M. Smucker Company Environmental, Social, or Economic?
a. Constructed a solar- powered warehouse
b. Provided time off for employees to volunteer at organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America and United Way
c. Added a sustainability leader to every manufacturing facility to help to achieve established environmental goals
d. Achieved Gold LEED Certification on its company store renovations
e. Generated a profit for the company’s shareholders
f. Helped to establish the Heartland Education Initiative based in Orrville, Ohio, which is focused on improving education through a partnership between community organizations, parents, school, and businesses
g. Achieved Silver LEED Certification on its new office building
h. Reduced the amount of plastic used in Jif peanut butter jars by 2.2 million pounds
i. Provided financial support to American Red Cross
j. Submitted a report to the Carbon Disclosure Project, which is an effort to have organizations from around the world measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability efforts
k. Generated a positive economic benefit in every community in which Smuckers has facilities
l. Reduced delivery truck traffic and energy consumption by producing plastic bottles for Crisco products at its own manufacturing facility in Cincinnati rather than having the bottles shipped to them by a third party
m. Received the Waste Reduction Awards Program Award from the State of California Waste Management Board

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