Question: Sweeny Corporation owns 60 percent of Bitner Company s shares Partial

Sweeny Corporation owns 60 percent of Bitner Company’s shares. Partial 20X2 financial data for the companies and consolidated entity were as follows:

On January 1, 20X2, Sweeny’s inventory contained items purchased from Bitner for $75,000. The cost of the units to Bitner was $50,000. All intercorporate sales during 20X2 were made by Bitner to Sweeny.

a. What amount of intercorporate sales occurred in 20X2?
b. How much unrealized intercompany profit existed on January 1, 20X2? On December 31, 20X2?
c. Give the worksheet elimination entries relating to inventory and cost of goods sold needed to prepare consolidated financial statements for 20X2.
d. If Bitner reports net income of $90,000 for 20X2, what amount of income is assigned to the noncontrolling interest in the 20X2 consolidated incomestatement?

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