Question: Table shows a portion of the data for a sample

Table shows a portion of the data for a sample of 103 private colleges and universities. The complete data set is contained in the file named Colleges. The data include the name of the college or university, the year the institution was founded, the tuition and fees (not including room and board) for the most recent academic year, and the percentage of full-time, first-time bachelor’s degree-seeking undergraduate students who obtain their degree in six years or less (The world Almanac, 2012)

a. Construct a crosstabulation with Year Founded as the row variable and Tuition & Fees as the column variable. Use classes starting with 1600 and ending with 2000 in increments of 50 for Year Founded. For Tuition & Fees, use classes starting with 1 and ending with 45,000 in increments of 5000.
b. Compute the row percentages for the crosstabulation in part (a).
c. What relationship, if any, do you notice between Year Founded and Tuition &Fees?

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