Question: Talia Finn is working as an analyst for the Drug

Talia Finn is working as an analyst for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and has been assigned to a case in which the suspect is believed to be engaged in a rather large drug-dealing operation behind the sham business Nutritional Supplements. Her first assignment is to perform a net worth method on Clyde Barrow Jr., the sole proprietor of the unincorporated business.

a. Talia prepared a net worth method using the information she had collected that follows.
Financial Information for Clyde Barrow Jr.

b. After Talia completed her analysis, Clyde’s attorney raised an objection. Talia asked to meet with Clyde again, and at that meeting Clyde told her that he believes that the cash on hand amounts that were used in the projection were too low. Although he had provided the amount to her earlier, he now believes that it was much higher than the amounts used and seems to recall that he had about $200,000 “stashed away” in case the economy crashed. When Talia asked him about the source of the $200,000, Clyde shrugged and said, “Part of it was an inheritance from my dear old Aunt Hattie, and the balance was just some money I had saved.”
c. How should Talia respond to this new information (i.e., would she want additional information from Clyde), and what are the sources of evidence that she needs to follow up on his assertion?

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