Question: Tamar wants to cut down a large dead poplar tree

Tamar wants to cut down a large, dead poplar tree with her chain saw, but she does not want it to fall onto the nearby gazebo. Yoojin comes to help with a long rope. Yoojin, a physicist, suggests they tie the rope taut from the poplar to the oak tree and then pull sideways on the rope as shown in the figure. If the rope is 40.0 m long and Yoojin pulls sideways at the midpoint of the rope with a force of 360.0 N, causing a 2.00-╬╝sideways displacement of the rope at its midpoint, what force will the rope exert on the poplar tree? Compare this with pulling the rope directly away from the poplar with a force of 360.0 N and explain why the values are different.

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