Question: Tangent Controls Ltd is a manufacturer of crash protected event recorders

Tangent Controls Ltd. is a manufacturer of crash-protected event recorders that are used in railway systems around the world to record event data. These data can be retrieved and analyzed to monitor and improve operations, but also to provide diagnostic data in the event of rail crashes. The small Ottawa-based company has customers across the world, but its largest market is North America. The company has been hurt by the U.S. economy, seeing a 12% decline in sales over the prior year. The company is hoping that the latest industry developments, which call for a significant increase in the shipment of oil by railcar, will mean an increase in sales. In the meantime, the company has been seeking new investors and has approached a leading Canadian venture capital firm to see if it might be interested in investing. As part of its approach, Tangent has provided the following financial information for the most recent fiscal year.
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Additional information:
1. During the year, the company repaid principal of $30,000 on its loan payable.
2. During the year, equipment with a net carrying amount of $60,000 was sold.
3. No equipment was purchased during the year.
a. You work for the venture capital firm and have been tasked with preparing the statement of cash flows for Tangent using either the direct or indirect method for determining cash flows from operating activities. Prepare the statement.
b. Discuss significant observations from the statement of cash flows that your firm would want to consider.

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