Question: Tech offers a number of off campus courses in its professional

Tech offers a number of off-campus courses in its professional and executive masters of information technology (MIT) programs at various locations around the state. The courses are taught by a group of regular Tech information technology faculty and adjuncts they hire from around the state. There are two main considerations in assigning individual faculty to courses: the travel distance and the average course teaching evaluation scores from past years. The college would like to minimize the mileage for teaching the courses not only for each faculty member's benefit but also to reduce program expenses. It would also like to have the faculty member who does the best job with a particular course teach that course. The following table shows the mileage for each faculty member to each course location and his or her average teaching evaluation scores (on a 5.00 scale, where "5" is outstanding and "1" is poor) for the fall semester:

Formulate and solve a linear programming model that will assign all the faculty members such that all courses are covered and each faculty member teaches at least one, but no more than two courses. Explain your solutionapproach.

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