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Tech Tool: Spreadsheet Software, Database Software
Software Videos: Spreadsheet ODBC, Spreadsheet Data Tables, Spreadsheet PivotTables and PivotCharts EspressoCoffee has asked for your assistance with the following tasks.
1. Download the EspressoCoffee file for this exercise.
2. Set up open database connectivity (ODBC) to import data from the Microsoft Access file you downloaded into a spreadsheet.
3. Format the imported data into a data table in Excel.
4. Create a PivotTable to analyze the sales data.
5. Create a pie chart with totals for each country.
6. Create a bar chart by quarter.
7. Using the PivotTable and charts you created, develop a digital dashboard that could be used to monitor and track EspressoCoffee sales.
8. Analyze the information provided by your digital dashboard to create intelligence. What intelligence can you glean from your analysis?
The dashboard shows the relationship between the total sales amount for different quarters in a particular country. We can compare the total sales amount between two quarters or two countries. For example, the information provided by the dashboard shows from the third quarter to the fourth the total sales in Italy jumped from very high to very low and the total sales in Greece jumped from very low to very high. These drastic fluctuations require further scrutiny of the market in these countries. Adding a slicer tool (a MS Excel tool) to the dashboard would make sections much easier.

Open MS Excel and use ODBC to import Sales Data table from Tech Ex 7.26 Data File. MS Excel provides a direct ODBC to MS Access. You can find MS Access icon on the data ribbon of the MS Excel.

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