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You have just been hired as the new accounting intern. Your first assignment is to reformat a spreadsheet that your predecessor created. Complete the following steps.
1. Download the file for this exercise.
2. Reformat the spreadsheet into a data table format.
3. Create a PivotTable to analyze the data.
4. Create a chart that best summarizes intelligence.
5. Develop a digital dashboard that can be used to monitor results in the future.

The data file contains products ID, names, and the unit price for products sold in each sales transaction. The PivotTable and PivotChart organize this data to show revenue from each product and the count of each product sold. When you create a PivotChart, MS Excel automatically creates corresponding PivotTable. Therefore the part 4 and 5 are shown in one sheet. By adding a data slicer tool (a MS Excel tool), we can see and compare sales amount for selected items in the slicer.

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