Tesco PLC is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom
Tesco PLC is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom and the third-largest grocery retailer in the world, with operations in 14 countries. The company manages its business using a model called Steering Wheel (SW), which is basically a balanced scorecard comprising the key elements of business: customers, operations, people, finance, and community. Environmental sustainability aspects are integrated into SW as part of the community element.

Discussion Questions
1. How is Tesco doing in terms of environmental sustainability?
2. Based on library and Internet research, report on other environmental sustainability practices used at Tesco.
3. Compare Tesco’s environmental sustainability strategy to those of the other global retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Carrefour.
4. How much of Tesco’s sustainability effort is (a) Resource focused, (b) regulation focused, and (c) reputation focused?

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