Question: Tests of Controls General Controls The audit team of Packer

Tests of Controls: General Controls. The audit team of Packer Company identified the following general controls in obtaining its overall understanding of Packer’s internal control over the automated processing of transactions:
1. Packer has routine maintenance on its computer equipment and related technology scheduled and performed every six months.
2. Packer has formal, written systems development and documentation standards for the implementation of new programs.
3. Prior to implementing modifications to its existing programs, Packer tests and validates the program changes to ensure accurate processing.
4. Packer has appropriately separated the responsibilities of systems analysts, programmers, and computer operators.
5. Packer’s computer files are protected from loss through frequent backups and storage at an off- site location.
6. Access to computer files and programs is protected through the use of passwords.
7. On a monthly basis, Packer reviews any revisions in the access rights of its employees to ensure consistency between their new job responsibilities and files and programs they may access.

Consider the four methods of testing the operating effectiveness of controls (inquiry, observation, document examination, and reperformance). For each of the preceding controls, pro-vide an example of how Packer’s audit team might choose to test the operating effectiveness of the control using the four methods of test of controls ( for example, how would the audit team use inquiry, observation, document examination, and reperformance to test control # 1, routine maintenance on computer equipment and related technology?).

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