Question: Tetrodotoxin is a toxic chemical found in fugu pufferfish a

Tetrodotoxin is a toxic chemical found in fugu pufferfish, a popular but rare delicacy in Japan. This compound has an LD50 (the amount of substance that is lethal to 50% of a population sample) of 10 mg per kg of body mass. Tetrodotoxin is 41.38% carbon by mass, 13.16% nitrogen by mass, and 5.37% hydrogen by mass, with the remaining amount consisting of oxygen. What is the empirical formula of tetrodotoxin? If three molecules of tetrodotoxin have a mass of 1.59 × 10-21 g, what is the molecular formula of tetrodotoxin? What number of molecules of tetrodotoxin would be the LD50 dosage for a person weighing 165 lb?

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