Question: Texmart is a locally owned big box retail store chain in

Texmart is a locally owned “big-box” retail store chain in Texas, with stores primarily located in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. In order to compete with national big-box store chains, it is planning to undertake several “sustainability” (i.e., “green”) projects at its stores. These national chains have been heavily publicizing their sustainability efforts, including the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (in metric tons per year) and energy savings (in kilowatt hours), which have had a positive effect on their sales. They have also demonstrated that sustainability projects can have a positive impact on cost (especially energy) savings. The projects Texmart is considering include installing solar panels at its stores, installing small wind turbines at its stores, replacing their trucks with more fuel-efficient hybrid trucks, and implementing waste reduction programs at its stores, including recycling and reducing the use of plastic bags.
The criteria Texmart wants to use to evaluate the projects include the media and public response to the projects they undertake, the cost of the projects, the amount of GHG emissions reduction, and the amount of energy savings. Following are the pairwise comparisons for the projects for these four criteria, and the pairwise comparisons for the criteria:

Using AHP, rank the projects forTexmart.
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