Question: Texscan Corporation Texscan was a corporation located in Phoenix Arizona

Texscan Corporation (Texscan) was a corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was audited by Coopers & Lybrand (Coopers), a national CPA firm that prepared audited financial statements for the company. The Lindner Fund, Inc., and the Lindner Dividend Fund, Inc. (Lindner Funds), were mutual funds that invested in securities of companies. After receiving and reviewing the audited financial statements of Texscan, Lindner Funds purchased securities in the company. Thereafter, Texscan suffered financial difficulties, and Lindner Funds suffered substantial losses on its investment. Lindner Funds sued Coopers, alleging that Coopers was negligent in conducting the audit and preparing Texscan’s financial statements. Can Coopers be held liable to Lindner Funds for accounting malpractice under the Ultramares doctrine, Section 552 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts, or the fore see ability standard? Lindner Fund v. Abney, 770 S. W. 2d 437, 1989 Mo. App. Lexis 490 (Court of Appeals of Missouri)

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