Question: Thanks for the training Divide into two groups and prepare

Thanks for the training!
Divide into two groups, and prepare arguments for and against the following behavior: You work in the IT department of a large international company. At your annual performance review, you were asked about your goals and objectives for the coming year, and you stated that you would like to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). You didn’t get much of a pay raise (yet another cost-cutting initiative!), but your boss told you there was money in the training budget for the MCSE course—you’re attending the training next week. However, after receiving the poor pay raise, you had polished your résumé and applied for some other positions. You received an attractive job offer from another company for more money, and, in the last interview, your potential new boss commented that it was a shame you didn’t have your MCSE certification because that would qualify you for a higher pay grade. The new company doesn’t have the training budget to put you through the MCSE training for at least two years. You tell the interviewer that you will complete the MCSE training prior to starting the new position in order to qualify for the higher pay grade. You choose not to qualify that statement with any additional information on who will be paying for the training. You successfully gain the MCSE certification and then give your two weeks’ notice. You start with your new company at the higher pay grade. Is that ethical?

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