Question: The 100 employee information technology department of a financia

The 100-employee information technology department of a financial services company had a high turnover rate. A survey of employees revealed that the reason most left was dissatisfaction with the level of training. The average turnover rate was 23 percent per year. The cost to recruit and train one new employee was $56,625. To address the turnover problem, the company developed a skills training program that averaged 80 hours per year per employee. The average employee wage was $35 per hour. Instructor, classroom, and other costs were $170,000.
a. What is the total cost of training? The total cost of turnover?
b. If the turnover rate dropped 8 percent (from 23 percent to 15 percent), what was the financial benefit of the training program?
c. What was the ROI of the training program?
d. How much would the turnover rate have to be reduced from 23 percent for the training program to show a benefit?

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