Question: The 2015 nancial statements of a city s single employer pension

The 2015 financial statements of a city’s single employer pension plan revealed the following (in thousands):
Total assets, year-end ............ $ 7,200,000
Total liabilities, year-end ........... $ 10,000
Annual required employer contributions, 2015 . $ 274,000
Actual employer contributions, 2015 ...... $ 250,000
Actuarial value of assets, year-end ...... $ 7,200,000
Actuarial accrued liability .......... $ 8,450,000

1. Assuming that the city (the employer) accounts for pension fund expenditures in its general fund, prepare all journal entries that the city should make to record its 2015 pension fund expenditure and contribution.
2. What is the amount that the pension plan should report as ‘‘net fiduciary position’’ for year-end 2015?
3. What is the amount of the plan’s unfunded actuarial accrued liability?
4. What is the total amount the city should report as its government-wide statement liability at year-end 2015, assuming that up until 2015 it has made all annually required contributions? What is the significance of this liability? Is it indicative of the estimated present value of the amount to be paid to current and future retirees? Explain.

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