The 700 Club Barry Bonds played for the San Francisco
The 700 Club: Barry Bonds played for the San Francisco Giants and near the end of his career was on pace to become baseball's home run king. He joined Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth as the only Major League players to have hit more than 700 home runs in their careers. The graphic below is a look at how they amassed their totals.
a. Describe and compare the overall appearance of the three graphs. Include thoughts about such things as length of career, when the most home runs per year were hit and their relationship to the aging process, and any others you think of.
b. Does it appear that one of them was more consistent with annual home run production?
c. From the evidence presented here, who do you think should be called the “Home Run King”?
d. Was Barry Bonds’ 73 home runs in one season a fluke?
e. If you were a team owner and interested in home run production over the next several years, you would like very much to sign a player for your team that would duplicate which one of these players? Let's say you were signing him at age 21. At age 35.
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