Question: The accompanying scatterplot based on 34 sediment samples with x

The accompanying scatterplot, based on 34 sediment samples with x = sediment depth (cm) and y = oil and grease content (mg/kg), appeared in the article “Mined Land Reclamation Using Polluted Urban Navigable Waterway Sediments” (Journal of Environmental Quality [1984]: 415–422). Discuss the effect that the observation (20, 33,000) will have on the estimated regression line. If this point were omitted, what can you say about the slope of the estimated regression line? What do you think will happen to the slope if this observation is included in the computations? identical, so all quantities computed from these will be identical for the four sets: the estimated regression line, SSResid, se, r2, and so on. The summary quantities provide no way of distinguishing among the four data sets. Based on a scatterplot for each set, comment on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of fitting the
simple linear regression model in each case.

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