Question: The accounting and internal control procedures relating to purchases of

The accounting and internal control procedures relating to purchases of materials by the Branden Company, a medium- sized company that manufactures special machinery to order, have been described by your junior accountant in the following terms.
After approval by manufacturing department super-visors, materials purchase requisitions are forwarded to the purchasing department supervisor, who distributes such requisitions to the several employees under her control. These employees prepare pre-numbered purchase orders in triplicate, account for all numbers, and send the original purchase order to the vendor. One copy of the purchase order is sent to the receiving department, where it is used as a receiving report. The other copy is filed in the purchasing department.
When the materials are received, they are moved directly to the storeroom and issued to the supervisors on informal requests. The receiving department sends a receiving report (with its copy of the purchase order attached) to the purchasing department and forwards copies of the receiving report to the storeroom and to the accounting department.
Vendors’ invoices for material purchases, received in duplicate in the mailroom, are sent to the purchasing department and directed to the employee who placed the related order. The employee then compares the invoice with the copy of the purchase order on file in the purchasing department for price and terms and compares the invoice quantity received as reported by the shipping and receiving department on its copy of the purchase order. The purchasing department employees also check discounts, footings, and extensions, after which they initial the invoice to indicate approval for payment. The invoice is then submitted to the voucher section of the accounting department, where it is coded for account distribution, assigned a voucher number, entered in the voucher register, and filed according to payment due date.
On payment dates, pre numbered checks are requisitioned by the voucher section from the cashier and prepared except for signature. After the checks are prepared, they are returned to the cashier, who puts them through a check- signing machine, accounts for the sequence of numbers, and passes them to the cash disbursements bookkeeper for entry in the cash disbursements book. The cash disbursements book-keeper then returns the checks to the voucher section, which then notes payment dates in the voucher register, places the checks in envelopes, and sends them to the mailroom. The vouchers are then filed in numerical sequence. At the end of each month, one of the voucher clerks prepares an adding machine tape of unpaid items in the voucher register and compares the total thereof with the general ledger balance and investigates any difference disclosed by such comparison.

Discuss the weaknesses, if any, in the internal control of Branden’s purchasing and subsequent procedures, and suggest supplementary or revised procedures for remedying each weakness with regard to
a. Requisition of materials.
b. Receipt and storage of materials.
c. Functions of the purchasing department.
d. Functions of the accounting department.

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