The Acme Corporation has been planning to acquire Best Products
The Acme Corporation has been planning to acquire Best Products, and Acme employees are worried about how the acquisition will affect them. Ed Zeplin, Acme’s human resource manager, has been visiting the Acme chat sites and sees a dramatic rise in the number of messages spreading rumors about layoffs. Most of the rumors are false.
The following messages are possible responses that
Ed can post to the chat sides. How well does each message meet the needs of the reader, the writer, and the organization? Is the message clear, complete, and correct?
Does it save the reader’s time? Does it build goodwill?

It Will Be Great!
Author: L. Ed Zeplin, HR
Date: Tuesday, May 23
I am happy to tell you that the HR news is good. Two months ago, the CEO told me about the merger, and I have been preparing a human resource plan ever since.
I want you to know about this because morale has been bad, and it shouldn’t be.
You really should wait for the official announcements, and you’ll see that the staffing needs will remain strong. My department has been under a lot of pressure, but if you’ll be patient, we’ll explain everything—the staffing, the compensation.
Our plan should be ready by Monday, and then if you have any questions, just contact your HR rep.
HR Staffing
Author: HR Boss
Date: Tuesday, May 23
The rumors are false. Just ask anyone in HR. There will be no layoffs.

Don’t Believe the Rumors
Date: Tuesday, May 23
Acme has 475 employees, and Best Products has 132 employees. Our human resource plan for next year calls for 625 employees. If you do the math, you can see that there will be no layoffs. Rather, we will be hiring 18 employees. Of course, as we consolidate operations with Best, there will be some redeployment. However, our plan indicates that we will be able to retain our current staff. All employees are valued at Acme, as our current benefits package testifies.
Our HR plan is based on the best analytic techniques and a business forecast by a top consulting firm. If you’re an employee, you should review our business plan, at the Our Goals page on Acme’s intranet. Everyone should read Acme’s mission statement on our home page,
Layoff Rumors Do Acme a Disservice
Author: Zeplin in HR
Date: Tuesday, 23 May
If you come here to get your company information, you aren’t getting the straight story. The people posting to this discussion board are spreading false rumors, not the truth. If you want to know the truth about Acme, ask the people who have access to the information.
As HR manager, I can assure you we won’t be laying off employees after the merger with Best Products. I’m the one who approves the staffing plan, so I should know. If people would ask me, instead of reading the negative, whining lies at this site, they would know the facts, too.
If people really cared about job security, they would be working and exceeding their goals, rather than wasting their time in rumor-mongering on message boards. Hard work: that’s the key to success!

The True Story about Lay-Offs
Date: Tuesday, 23 May
Whenever there is a merger or acquisition, rumors fly. It’s human nature to turn to rumors when a situation seems uncertain. The case of Acme acquiring Best Products is no exception, so I’m not surprised to see rumors about layoffs posted on this message board.
Have no fear! I am working closely with our CEO and with the CEO and human resource manager at Best Products, and we all agree that our current staff is a valuable asset to Acme, to Best, and to our combined companies in the future. We have no plans to lay off any of our valued people. I will continue monitoring this message board and will post messages as I am able to disclose more details about our staffing plans. In the meantime, employees should watch for official information in the company newsletter and on our intranet.
We care about our people! If employees ever have questions about our plans and policies, they should contact me directly.
L. Ed Zeplin, HR Manager

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