The actual financial statements of Apple Inc for 2011 are
The actual financial statements of Apple Inc. for 2011 are presented in Appendix A. Instructions for accessing and using the company's complete annual report, including the notes to the financial statements, are also provided in Appendix A.
Instructions Refer to Apple's financial statements and answer the following questions.
(a) What were Apple's total assets at September 24, 2011? At September 25, 2010? (b) How much cash (and cash equivalents) did Apple have on September 24, 2011? (c) What amount of accounts payable did Apple report on September 24, 2011? On September 25, 2010? (d) What were Apple's net sales in 2009? In 2010? In 2011? (e) What is the amount of the change in Apple's net income from 2010 to 2011?

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