Question: The Admitted Students Highlights Report 2009 prepared by The College

The “Admitted Students Highlights Report 2009” prepared by The College Board for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo summarizes responses to a survey completed by 2001 new students who enrolled at Cal Poly in fall 2008 and by 2000 students who were admitted to Cal Poly for the fall 2008 term but who enrolled at other universities. One question in the survey presented a list of “college images” (such as career-oriented and friendly) and asked students to indicate for each image whether or not they associated that image with Cal Poly. The percentage that associated an image with Cal Poly was recorded for enrolling students and for non-enrolling students for each image. For example, 61% of enrolling students but only 46% of non-enrolling students associated the image “career-oriented” with Cal Poly. The resulting data were used to construct a scatterplot that appeared in the report. The scatterplot is reproduced as Figure EX5.63 at the bottom of the following page.
a. What do you think the two dashed lines in the scatterplot represent?
b. Write a short article appropriate for a student newspaper commenting on what can be learned from this scatterplot. You can assume that the scatterplot will appear with the article.

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