Question: The airline company in Exercise 4 has realized that some

The airline company in Exercise 4 has realized that some of its customers don’t have e-mail or don’t read it regularly. They decide to restrict the mailing only to customers who have recently registered for a “Win a trip to Miami” contest, figuring that those with Internet access are more likely to read and to respond to their e-mail. They send an e-mail with the following message:
“Did you know that National Airlines has just spent over $3 million refurbishing our brand new hub in Miami? By answering the following question, you may be eligible to win $1000 worth of coupons that can be spent in any of the fabulous restaurants or shops in the Miami airport. Might you possibly think of traveling to Miami in the next six months on your way to one of your destinations?”
a) What is the population?
b) What is the sampling frame?
c) Point out any problems you see either with the sampling procedure and/or the survey itself. What are the potential impacts of these problems?

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