The American Hospital Association conducts annual surveys of hospitals in the United States and publishes its findings in AHA Hospital Statistics. Data on hospital type for U.S. registered hospitals can be found on the WeissStats CD. For convenience, we use the following abbreviations:
NPC: Nongovernment not-for-profit community hospitals
IOC: Investor-owned (for-profit) community hospitals
SLC: State and local government community hospitals
FGH: Federal government hospitals
NFP: Nonfederal psychiatric hospitals
NLT: Nonfederal long-term-care hospitals
HUI: Hospital units of institutions
a. Determine a frequency distribution.
b. Obtain a relative-frequency distribution.
c. Draw a pie chart.
d. Construct a bar chart.
If an exercise discusses more than one data set, do parts (a)–(d) for each data set.

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