The annual bonuses awarded to members of the management team and assembly-line workers of an automobile manufacturer depend largely on the corporation’s sales performance during the preceding year. The file S04_25.xlsx contains the probability distribution of possible bonuses (measured in hundreds of dollars) awarded to white-collar and blue-collar employees at the end of the company’s fiscal year.
a. How much do a manager and an assembly-line worker expect to receive in their bonus check at the end of a typical year?
b. For which group of employees within this organization does there appear to be more variability in the distribution of possible annual bonuses?
c. How strongly associated are the bonuses awarded to the white-collar and blue-collar employees of this company at the end of the year? Answer by calculating the correlation between them. What are some possible implications of this result for the relations between members of the management team and the assembly-line workers in the future?

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