Question: The April 2013 income statement for Fabio s Fashions has just

The April 2013 income statement for Fabio’s Fashions has just been received by Diana Caffrey, Vice President of Marketing. The firm uses a variable costing system for internal reporting purposes.

The following notes were attached to the statements: 
Unit sales price for April averaged $ 144. 
Unit manufacturing costs for the month were:
Variable cost ... $ 72
Fixed cost .... 30
Total cost ..... $ 102 
The predetermined FOH rate was based on normal monthly production of 150,000 units.
April production was 7,500 units in excess of sales. 
April ending inventory consisted of 12,000 units.
a. Caffrey is not familiar with variable costing.
1. Recast the April income statement on an absorption costing basis.
2. Reconcile and explain the difference between the variable costing and the absorption costing income figures.
b. Explain the features of variable costing that should appeal toCaffrey.
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