Question: The article California State Parks Closure List Due Soon The

The article “California State Parks Closure List Due Soon” (The Sacramento Bee, August 30, 2009) gave the following data on x = number of visitors in fiscal year 2007–2008 and y = percentage of operating costs covered by park revenues for the 20 state park districts in California:
a. Use a statistical software package or a graphing calculator to construct a scatterplot of the data. Describe any interesting features of the scatterplot.
b. Find the equation of the least-squares regression line (use software or a graphing calculator).
c. Is the slope of the least-squares line positive or negative? Is this consistent with your description in Part (a)?
d. Based on the scatterplot, do you think that the correlation coefficient for this data set would be less than 0.5 or greater than 0.5? Explain.

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