Question: The article CSI Effect Has Juries Wanting More Evidence USA

The article “CSI Effect Has Juries Wanting More Evidence” (USA Today, August 5, 2004) examines how the popularity of crime-scene investigation television shows is influencing jurors’ expectations of what evidence should be produced at a trial. In a survey of 500 potential jurors, one study found that 350 were regular watchers of at least one crime-scene forensics television series.
a. Assuming that it is reasonable to regard this sample of 500 potential jurors as representative of potential jurors in the United States, use the given information to construct and interpret a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of all potential jurors who regularly watch at least one crime-scene investigation series.
b. Would a 99% confidence interval be wider or narrower than the 95% confidence interval from Part (a)?

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