Question: The article Economy Low Generosity High USA Today July 28

The article “Economy Low, Generosity High” (USA Today, July 28, 2009) noted that despite a weak economy in 2008, more Americans volunteered in their communities than in previous years. Based on census data (, the top and bottom five states in terms of percentage of the population who volunteered in 2008 were identified. The top five states were Utah (43.5%), Nebraska (38.9%), Minnesota (38.4%), Alaska (38.0%), and Iowa (37.1%). The bottom five states were New York (18.5%), Nevada (18.8%), Florida (19.6%), Louisiana (20.1%), and Mississippi (20.9%).
a. For the data set that includes the percentage who volunteered in 2008 for each of the 50 states, what is the largest value? What is the smallest value?
b. If you were going to construct a stem-and-leaf display for the data set consisting of the percentage who volunteered in 2008 for the 50 states, what stems would you use to construct the display? Explain your choice.

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