Question: The article Positive Aspects of Caregiving Research on Aging 2004

The article “Positive Aspects of Caregiving” (Research on Aging (2004) 26: 429– 453) describes a study that assessed how caregiving to Alzheimer’s patients impacted the caregivers. Most people would generally think that family members who provide daily care to parents and spouses with Alzheimer’s disease would tend to be negatively impacted by their role as caregiver. The study asked 1,229 caregivers to respond to the following statement: “Caregiving enabled me to develop a more positive attitude toward life.” The following responses were reported:
a. Provide a graphical display of the data that illustrates potential differences in the ­percentages in the five cells.
b. Is there significant evidence that the proportions are not equally dispersed over the five possible responses? Use a = .05.
c. Based on the graph in part (a) and your conclusions from part (b), does providing care to Alzheimer’s patients have generally a positive or negative impact on caregivers?

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