Question: The article The Value and the Limitations of High Speed Turbo Exhausters

The article “The Value and the Limitations of High-Speed Turbo-Exhausters for the Removal of Tar-Fog from Carburetted Water-Gas” (Society of Chemical Industry Journal [1946]: 166–168) presented data on y = tar content (grains/100 ft3) of a gas stream as a function of x1 = rotor speed (rev/minute) and x2 = gas inlet temperature (F). A regression model using
a. According to this model, what is the mean y value if x1 =3200 and x2 = 57?
b. For this particular model, does it make sense to interpret the value of a b2 as the average change in tar content associated with a 1-degree increase in gas inlet temperature when rotor speed is held constant? Explain.

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