Question: The article Thrillers Newsweek April 22 1985 stated Surveys tell

The article “Thrillers” (Newsweek, April 22, 1985) stated, “Surveys tell us that more than half of America’s college graduates are avid readers of mystery novels.” Let p denote the actual proportion of college graduates who are avid readers of mystery novels. Consider a sample proportion p^ that is based on a random sample of 225 college graduates.
a. If p = .5, what are the mean value and standard deviation of p^? Answer this question for p = .6. Does p^ have approximately a normal distribution in both cases? Explain.
b. Calculate P( p^ ≥ .6) for both p = .5 and p = .6.
c. Without doing any calculations, how do you think the probabilities in Part (b) would change if n were 400 rather than 225?

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