Question: The article Tobacco and Alcohol Use in G Rated Children s Animated

The article “Tobacco and Alcohol Use in G-Rated Children’s Animated Films” (Journal of the American Medical Association [1999]: 1131– 1136) reported exposure to tobacco and alcohol use in all G-rated animated films released between 1937 and 1997 by five major film studios. The researchers found that tobacco use was shown in 56% of the reviewed films. Data on the total tobacco exposure time (in seconds) for films with tobacco use produced by Walt Disney, Inc., were as follows:
Data for 11 G-rated animated films showing tobacco use that were produced by MGM/United Artists, Warner Brothers, Universal, and Twentieth Century Fox were also given. The tobacco exposure times (in seconds) for these films was as follows:
Construct a comparative stem-and-leaf display for these data. Comment on the interesting features of this display.

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