Question: The article Vital Dimensions in Volume Perception Can the Eye

The article “Vital Dimensions in Volume Perception: Can the Eye Fool the Stomach?” (Journal of Marketing Research [1999]: 313– 326) gave the accompanying data on the dimensions of 27 representative food products (Gerber baby food, Cheez Whiz, Skippy Peanut Butter, and Ahmed’s tandoori paste, to name a few).
a. Fit the simple linear regression model that would allow prediction of the maximum width of a food container based on its minimum width.
b. Calculate the standardized residuals (or just the residuals if you don’t have access to a computer program that gives standardized residuals) and make a residual plot to determine whether there are any outliers.
c. The data point with the largest residual is for a 1-liter Coke bottle. Delete this data point and refit the regression. Did deletion of this point result in a large change in the equation of the estimated regression line?
d. For the regression line of Part (c), interpret the estimated slope and, if appropriate, the intercept.
e. For the data set with the Coke bottle deleted, do you think that the assumptions of the simple linear regression model are reasonable? Give statistical evidence for your answer.

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